How my New Year’s resolution relates to OnBase professionals: part 1

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The start of a new year is a time when many think about what they can do this year, over the next 365 days, to be a better person.

For me, it is only fitting to always set out to learn something new. This year, I am boldly sharing with all of you that I have set out to learn a new language.

3 Ways my resolution relates to OnBase professionals

Before you think, “That’s great, Carissa,” read on. My goals might be your goals! Here they are:

1. We know what we want to do, we just don’t know how to get there

I set out with a pretty big goal: to learn to speak French. Ultimately, I want to be able to participate in a conversation in French. I want to understand what is being said and to respond. It would be a huge bonus if my responses make sense.

In fact, a colleague who works in France sent me a message this morning, and I responded telling him that when we meet for the OnBase Summit later this year, I intend to have a conversation with him in French.

I won’t start this process by reading a Marcel Proust novel or by moving to Oyonnax. (Although immersion training would be ideal, my family may not be keen on that!)

So, where do I plan to start?

Well, much like Learning Paths available to you on, the resource I subscribe to provides me with a curriculum to follow and, like Learning Paths, keeps track of my progress. This will keep me on-track and motivated.

2. We already know something about OnBase, but want a safe place to practice

Much like you already know something about OnBase, I already know a little bit of French. While many of you have completed an OnBase eLearning course or have attended instructor-led training, I took French class in high school. And, I can assure you, that was long before you attended OnBase training.

Additionally, you may have other colleagues at your organization who “speak” OnBase. I have an 11-year-old daughter who has been taking French since kindergarten, so we throw little nuggets of knowledge around quite often.

I have a foundation, and in some ways that makes it more challenging to figure out where to begin. When you have no knowledge, it is clear that you need to start at the beginning. What happens when you have some knowledge?

This is where practicing comes into play. I don’t want to start at the beginning; I want to practice what I already know and learn more as I go. I wish there were a for French, which would equip me with the tools to safely practice what I know and refer to a quick guide that not only fills in the blanks, but explains to me why I am doing each step.

3. We swear we will make time, but we don’t

At the start of anything new – be it a training plan, project, relationship, or resolution – you have excitement and enthusiasm. But, those feelings often eventually wane.

There are many free resources out there. I am expected to invest nothing other than my time. In fact, I have even subscribed to some of these free resources in the past, but when something is free, I just don’t place as much value on it.

This year, I have invested my own money. I subscribed to a site that gives me on-demand French language lessons, and because I spent the money, I will be more diligent about completing the lessons.

Sound familiar? Premium Subscription anyone?

If you have advice for learning a second language, I will trade you for advice on how to learn OnBase. Together, we will hold one another accountable, and we’ll each learn something new.

Au revoir!

Carissa Nettle

Carissa Nettle

Carissa has taught more than 2,000 OnBase customers and partners how to get the most out of their ECM solutions since she joined the Hyland team in 2007. As the Hyland Global Services Program Manager, Carissa uses her more than 20 years’ experience as a software developer, trainer and business development manager to provide a wide variety of techniques, perspective and skills to the OnBase community. You can also find her (11 years running) as a speaker at the annual OnBase user conference, CommunityLIVE (formerly OTTC). When she isn’t sharing her excitement about OnBase, she can be found running, SUP-ing or cycling with her friends and family.

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  1. Kathy Rickertsen says:

    Have you tried It has vocabulary and conjugation and you can practice translating documents. It is free and has “games” to play to learn, keeps track of progress, and tells you where you need to review. Good luck! By the way, I love all the OnBase training options – Quick Looks, premium subscription, live classes, etc. I do want to check out

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