OnBase upgrades No. 4: How to upgrade successfully with consulting services

Upgrading is a critical and complex project to undertake, as this blog series has been detailing. There are times when you can go it alone, and times when a full-service consulting engagement can be the best approach for your organization.

If it’s your first upgrade, and your team doesn’t have the experience, time or expertise in a critical area to administer an upgrade on your own, you are not alone. In fact, many of our customers have extremely capable teams who simply do not have the bandwidth to take on an upgrade in required timeframes, or want assurance that this high-profile project won’t run into any unforeseen issues.

There are also times when it just makes sense to have a qualified team of experts conduct the upgrade, so your teams can not only learn best practices, they can also attend to other areas of the business that need their attention.

Our upgrade consulting services provide exactly that: The expert resources you need, when you need them.

What is upgrade consulting?

For the duration of the upgrade, you’ll have a dedicated Hyland technical consultant for planning and execution, and a project manager to help you meet deadlines.

This ensures a seamless upgrade experience, from project management, to the upgrade itself, to utilizing the most current and best methods, to QA and testing. It also ensures minimal impact to operations.

Because every customer leverages OnBase differently, all engagements begin with a planning and risk assessment to evaluate your current deployment. Hyland’s consultants go over your system to understand what you have in place and make sure all stakeholders are on the same page. They’ll identify specific components that may need special attention and outline any concerns with your current configuration.

With that in place, they’ll suggest the best upgrade approach, create a checklist that’s unique to your environment and craft a strategy that best works for your organization.

How does consulting help with an upgrade?

Members of Hyland’s Upgrade Services team have the expertise to handle upgrades from beginning to end, so you’ll have complete peace of mind that the setup and execution are modeled after best practices. Consultants have an average tenure of five years, and are required to undergo up to eight months of internal training, in addition to hundreds of hours of technical training.

Whether you’re new to OnBase or a highly experienced admin, anyone can benefit from the assessment component, which can yield insights that help you maximize your use of the platform and gain expertise that you can apply to future upgrades.

What are the benefits of upgrading with consulting services?

You decide exactly what you want help with and we customize the engagement to fit your needs.

Looking for a high-level review and planning exercise? Want a deep-dive assessment that includes a rewrite of API codes and scripts? Adding new modules and upgrading in multiple environments as you roll out to new departments?

Whatever you need, Hyland has you covered.

Better yet, the impact of the engagement extends beyond the actual upgrade, since the assessment can provide visibility into business opportunities and overall information management strategy.

Want an overview of all the upgrade options? Read Which path is right for you?

Joey Dobbertin

Joey Dobbertin

Joey Dobbertin is a technical consultant for Hyland Global Healthcare Services and co-chair of Hyland’s Cooperate Upgrade Steering Committee. Joining Hyland in 2013 Joey worked in Technical support for three years before moving to Healthcare Services where his current role is assisting Hyland’s healthcare customers upgrade to the latest version of OnBase. Joey holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Technology from Kent State University.

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